Our Value

  • Compassion: Care about people, understand and encourage them, empathise with their sufferings.
  • Respect for poor : We believe in dignity of every individual, this leads us to care about human right. Speak to them as a respected equal. Value their opinion.
  • Justice: we do not believe in social stratification in terms of rich and poor. our leadership will identify unfairness in socio- economic and political system and practices and stand by the helpless and powerless, symbolically and through our program
  • Simplicity in life style: we want that elite in the society should use their advantages for the benefit of others and not seek primarily their own fancy and well being.
  • Integrity: In all our thoughts, activities and programs we will defend our basic honesty and integrity.
  • Team work: we count on member oriented democratic leadership. Depend on mutually supportive ways of working together and we will avoid criticism, gossip and intrigue and dysfunctional and destructive activities.
  • Distinguish right from wrong: We will do right things for right reasons, think sensibly and strict to what make sense. Economic Goal: Social benefit and social business is our goal