Our present activities

Our activities are mission driven, ethics base and result oriented and our bottom line is serving venerable and marginalized community for changing their quality of life. Creating opportunity for their children to come to school and to save their from dropping out. Organizing programs for creating awareness for saving our rivers and water bodies, for plantation and for reducing carbon emission. Encouraging teachers to put in their best to build career of their students that turns into success stories.


  1. We award stipends to poor students at primary and secondary level students.
  2. We provide school kits, school bags, exercise books, pencils, erase etc.
  3. We provide Tiffin to a limited number of students
  4. we motivated children at shanties to come to school
  5. We are building up a sustainable support system for medical treatment for daughter’s marriage, for payment of school admission and examination fee for those who can afford those on their own.


All these we do in a small scale with the small fund provided by the family of deceased Imtiaz. We don’t take financial help from any other person or organization. We are however ready to work with a partner who are equally eager to develop like programs and implementation strategy to add on their own achievement and services. But in such a case the partner will make their expenses directly and keep their accounts by themselves. In all project papers. Sign boards and communications the partner and the Foundation will be retired as Co- organization.