Our Executive Members

In management we are a synergized team working voluntarily with missionary zeal. And we are self critical and free from self deception. Our organization is our memorandum of association articles, rules and regulation, operating principles and our values. There is an executive committee of position below:

1. President

2. Vice president

3. General Secretary

4. Joint Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Executive Member

The Executive Committee is responsible for polling formula, planning, organizing and operating the projects of programs of the foundation.

There are a few patrons of the foundation to give the executive committee a sense of direction, overview the activities and shape the programs.





There are a few general members who are the main strength of the Foundation and who take active part in all the affairs of the Foundation .




The organization is moving as a unit to the climate of the behavioral, open organic model. The foundation is now synonymous with excellence, integrity, sincerity and missionary spirit. Social responsibility is where we are pioneer. It is a reputation that we work for the Foundation. we are dedicated to full compliance of our values, operating principles , vision, mission and fulfillment of our objectives and purpose. we are transparent in the true sense of the term in all our actions, programs and carrying out all our projects. We audit our accounts at the end of every accounting year.