Our mission

Ensuring integrated delivery of social services mainly for the benefits and advancement of our target people mobilizing the resources of the Foundation effectively and efficiently. Work for mass awareness for reducing carbon emission, plantation and cleanliness, for protection of nature for that the planet remains green and habitable. Work for awareness for prevention of accident and safety.

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Our vision

strengthen capacity of socially disadvantaged people and appropriately educate them so that they can understand and follow the principals of self reliance, social, cultural and educational development with highest and non- compromising priority to human life, human welfare and national interest. Aspire for a green of habitable planet.

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Our philosophy

Respect for human dignity and worth of each person both as individual and as members of society. Create as environment where all the people have equal opportunity and access to education, healthcare services; an environment that can ensure a fair legal framework, equitable distribution of wealth; an environment through which one can attain a high standard of morality , ethics and keep free from all kinds and forms graft.

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Welcome to the imtiaz maswood khan foundation

Well come to our charity foundation

We are a mission for charity established and registered in June 2005 under the hand of Registrar of Joint stock Companies and firms in memory of Imtiaz Maswood Khan who died on 25th March 2005 in the city of Hamdan, Connecticut, USA at the age of 25 only. Lived a very short life but full or spectra, he was a golfer, loved skiing and driving attractive cars, a hard worker, he was straight, kind and helpful a person and would always behave is a socially responsible manner.
It is worth of his traits deeds and glory that he lives in our memory through ages. And inspired we have formed this Foundation- by now socially, organizationally and financially sustainable and have proved to have been an effective, promising & welfare oriented organ of the society. Our prime objective is to build up a sustainable support system for the primary and secondary level students coming from marginalized and socially disadvantaged community. We have various other programs for changing the quality of life and well-being of the same segment of people.